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I haven't done a Sid Rep for ages. Basically, he's settled in very well. The bald patch where his poor tail used to be has grown back, so he now looks like a small black bear or a lamb. He has also grown, rather a lot. He has established a summer routine for himself: go out all night ('Bye, babe. Going out to do Cat Stuff. You wouldn't understand.'), then return for breakfast and the daily attack on the menace that is our staircase. What is it with cats killing stairs?

The Household Award for Dignity at Breakfast goes to our Rottweiler, who sits patiently waiting while the two boys, Sid and the Alsatian, run to and fro, squeaking and yelping with the Excitement of It All. Attempts to get the dog to calm down have been only partially successful. Last time I tried this, I asked the dog to sit and he promptly did so, but unfortunately on top of Sid, who was not appreciative. Sid climbs up the side of the kitchen unit like a bat in an effort to reach his dish, since I am always much too slow. ('You don't understand! STARVING! MIGHT DIE!!!')

Then he has a day of restful repose: inside the conservatory if the weather is inclement, or outside on the table or in the laundry basket if it's fine. Repeat breakfast performance for dinner and that is Sid's day, with some additional lap-sitting, bed-invading, exchange of insults with female cat, etc.

This morning, I came into the kitchen after breakfast to find a poor broken-backed mouse trundling towards Sid, who was watching with interest. Bore Sid away and asked T to finish it off, which he nobly did. Sid was initially pleased ('cuddle!') but then realisation dawned: I had a mouse! AND IT'S GONE!!!

He was locked, protesting, in another room while vile deeds were carried out and the last I saw of him this morning was of Sid heading grimly towards the outbuildings in search of another furry toy. It's possible to hate them.


May. 13th, 2007 10:01 am
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This morning, about 6, Sid came in and howled, which he does not often do. I'm afraid he was ignored. He went away, and then came back to sleep peacefully on the bed for another couple of hours.

When I went into the bathroom, however, there was a small and unspeakable puddle on the floor (and I do not mean pee) and, next to it - a bar of soap, which certainly does not live on the floor.

Almost as an attempt to say "Sorry, but I don't have opposable thumbs. You'll have to do it." Still, at least he met me halfway, I suppose.


May. 5th, 2007 11:38 am
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We were in the garden last night, accompanied by Sid, who is a keen gardener (who knew?) in that he supervises, and then deploys the 10-foot litter tray that was lying under all those weeds. I was talking to T and Sid suddenly leaped up and head-butted me, straight in the crotch. *DOINK!* Good thing I'm not a man. Then he ran away.

He is the most bizarre little cat. I've encountered some weird feline behaviour, but not this one before.


Apr. 11th, 2007 10:16 am
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There's nothing like sitting outside over a plate of lamb chops and farmers' market organic veg, contemplating the flowers, pouring a glass of wine, listening to the crash as your Chinese china teapot hits a stone flagged floor and explodes...

Oh wait.

I went inside to find the teapot (brought from HK by my friend Kate about 15 years ago) in the proverbial thousand pieces on the floor, and Sid doing a 'What? WHAT?' impersonation. He'd been trying to crawl under the grill to retrieve lamb grease.

He's not a popular cat right now. Although he was still allowed to spend all night in the middle of the bed, importing lots of extra mass. About 3, I woke briefly to hear a voice say 'Six Dinner Sid? More like Six Tonne Sid.'

The teapot was one of those standard ones and I've seen them over here, so not irreplacable. But it's the principle of the thing.
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Sid, meanwhile, has discovered that there is Another Person in the household. Perhaps two other People - real ones, with tails, not apes or dogs.

Due to the fact that the two other cats live in the tack room, Sid hasn't encountered them properly, although he knows they're there. Last night, however, Cobweb got shut out of the tack room and met Sid face to face in the kitchen. Cobweb did an impersonation of a powder puff that's been attached to a bellows (WHOOOMF!). Sid's eyes grew huge and black and he said 'Fehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' Then he ran away.

So...this is a cat who will happily take on a Rottweiler (he clawed her hind quarters this morning, unprovoked), but who will run from a middle-aged lady cat. Go figure.
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For those Sid-fans out there, this was more or less the conversation when we got home:

Dog 1: ARF! ARF! ARF! GETOFFMYTERRITORY OR - oh. It's you. Oh GOD, I'm SO SORRY! I thought you were burglars. Look, I'll abase myself, OK? Really low?

T: You're an arsehole.


Dog 2: OMIGOD, it's you! Ithoughtyouwerenevercomingback! OMIGOD!OMIGOD!

Me (to Sid): SIDNEY! Did you miss us? Did you? [scoops up cat]

Cat: [thinks for a long moment]. You were away?

Me: You didn't NOTICE?

Cat: Meh. Whatever. I hung out with your lodger. I took some naps, ate some stuff. It was cool.

In other news, I've written nothing for a week, due to having been on pleasure-bent. I have to write a little bit more on the proposal tonight (I'm supposed to be going to a Druidic thing, but a rather searing headache and a general feeling of having Got Something suggests that I'll be in bed with tea instead), and we have embarked on the editing for Night Shade's PRECIOUS DRAGON. My very patient editor has it well in hand, however.
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Well, more or less. After some work last night, I got up this morning thinking: novel's going to be finished today. And it is, although it's about 4K under my estimate - normal for me and there are some scene which need filling in, so I'll get onto that over the next couple of days.

91,000 / 95,000

In other news, T just messengered me to say that Sid is now Sir Philip Sydney, member of the Explorer's Guild: he has been out, for several hours, and just returned. So now Sid has discovered what is Outside.
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The glamourous life of the writer, indeed. I'm in the middle of cleaning the house. The kitchen is now gleaming, and Sid is helping by trying to prise open the refridgerator door to see if I've missed anything. He's also nobly and selflessly tried to dispose of this morning's fat in the grill pan, and some leftover bread.

He has gone through, in the space of an hour: pathetic
wrath (FOOD! NOW!)
guile (maybe there is something in the dishwasher
and back to pathetic again.

He has already, needless to say, had a large bowl of cat food and some milk. Meanwhile, Tara follows him around in equal pathos, wanting him to play with her. She thinks he is the cutest thing ever; she is totally besotted. She thinks, in fact, that he is her puppy. She was bred far too young, hence she is rather smaller than most Rottweilers, and Sid is indeed small and black with a stumpy tail. Tara's pups were long ago (and for months afterwards, apparently, one could make her run and hide under the bed by saying 'Tara? Where are your puppies?' - so traumatic an experience was it) but Sid seems to have triggered something primal.

Sid doesn't see it that way. It's like some great unrequited romance...only with stumpy tails.
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Sid has now been here for just over a week. He has started to explore, although Outside is still a bit big and he is wary of it. Yesterday, on my way to work, I said to T: 'He's on the stairs. I think he's about to go onto the bookcase - you know that pile of books that's standing on it? Well, if you hear a - ' CRASH! Indeed.

Last night we played 'bashing people' through the bannisters, that well-known form of feline amusement. When I'd had enough and was en route to bed, the Rottweiler took up position at the top of the stairs. I came out of the bathroom to find Sid pouncing on her feet. She has been desperate to play with him all week - she follows him about, meeping and wagging her stump of a tail. So last night was fun, according to her. Sid caught her with a claw and she barked, but she didn't snap and Sid stood his ground. He's a bold little cat.

Could have done without the overturned litter tray this morning, however. I think one of the dogs skidded into it. You haven't lived until you've had to pick kitty litter out of the top of a skirting board. It looked as though someone had thrown a grenade into it.
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Chen grinds on:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
76,000 / 95,000

However, I just hit a rather faster scene. Plot has stopped dragging its feet.

For Sid fans, he has now been here a week. He thumped everyone else in the house at various times this morning, and discovered in the night that he was Displeased by my jasmine hoops in the conservatory, dug them up and dumped them on the floor. He hasn't done anything else in the pots.
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Sid has conquered the north face of the dog. The Alsatian was between my lap and Sid yesterday evening: Sid stood looking urgently from one to another and eventually clearly thought: oh, sod it. He wound round the dog's legs and jumped up on my lap.

When we went to bed, a shadow snuck onto the end of it, sat squarely on the hot water bottle and imported some extra mass from a parallel dimension, just in case I decided on any funny business like warming my own feet. He stayed for some time, as far as I'm aware.

T's last words last night were: 'That cat's not stupid.' I'll say.

Sid at vet

Feb. 9th, 2007 10:16 am
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Sid has been to the vet, had his stitches out and received his second vaccination, and is booked in next week to be microchipped, before we let him out into the wide wet world (it really is February Fill-dyke this morning...pouring with rain, the swans huddling in the fields).

He was very calm about the whole thing with not even a squeak. He has also discovered the upstairs part of the house, resulting in a desperate, whiskery face suddenly appearing on the night stand. Then he jumped onto T's TBR pile and it collapsed, surprise, so that was that. His appearance in the bedroom also upset the Rottweiler, who became convinced that I had to be protected from this dangerous beast (he clobbered her yesterday) and stood making 'mrf! mrf! mrf!' noises in anxiety, until made to lie down.

Sid's settled in.

More gratuitous cat-blogging here, with pics of the other two. Had they not had their faces in a plate, you would be able to see that they would do well on the 'My cat looks like Hitler' website. Cobweb is on the left, Pickle on the right.
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...should be here:

My entire Sid-rep for the day is that he has spent it on the sofa, venturing out once to bash the dog (dog ran away and hid in basket). We have now introduced Sid to my lodger's lurcher: they evinced little interest in one another. The lurcher did not bounce, which helped (he did, however, treat himself to a light snack from Sid's litter tray en route, so would seem to be more interested in what comes out of the other end of Sid. Again, I grow faint and cold).
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Not a lot to report as we spent most of the day perforce in the hospital (the short version for those who have just joined us: my partner is undergoing follow-ups after successful cancer treatment). Sid was on the sofa this morning and behold, was still there when we came back 6 hours later. He's been watching the dogs, but no violence has ensued. He also favoured T with his august presence this morning, treading in T's toast and flattening the Racing Post at the same time.

His wordcount for yesterday, after a sudden incursion onto my laptop, was 150 words: all versions of '['. An avant-garde piece, which critics are still struggling to interpret.

I have now retrieved the camera and will try and take/post some pics later on this evening.

Hissing Sid

Feb. 6th, 2007 10:26 pm
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Yesterday and most of today, we kept the intervening doors closed (in our house, this means Sid has a living room, dining room and hallway to himself). This evening, however, T let the dogs into the living room. Rather than hiding under the sofa, which he's been doing up until now, Sid remained on it.

Our Rottweiler went into what I can only call a state, of "You said you loved ME but now there's this black THING and you spent ALL DAY with him and now, I'm, I'm, I'm feeling REALLY INSECURE." At which point, she got on T's lap. She's 7 stone. But anyway, one dog and one cat on one not-huge sofa. Sid looked utterly appalled - the kind of expression an elderly colonel might assume when, during a quiet perusal of the Times in his club, he is suddenly interrupted by a really vulgar stripper.

I think she must have been disturbed because normally, she never comes into the living room when the fire is lit. You could see her thinking: FIRE! FIRE!

However, Sid did not do anything, despite being confronted by a large dog bottom. That's never good. Eventually Tara got down and lay on the floor. Sid Looked: Great Big Eyes (Tm). But he didn't run away. A little later, the Alsatian came in: he's much more clueless than the Rottweiler, ignored Sid, finally noticed there was a cat in the room and stuck his nose at Sid. Firecracker cat! Long arm lashes out, dog gives awful yell, runs around in circles ("Mum! He HIT me!"). Sid looks smug. Dog collapses onto rug, trembling.

Now both dogs are in their baskets (Alsatian still having a crisis) and Sid is on the sofa, purring away and occasionally flexing his feet.


Feb. 6th, 2007 08:13 pm
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One of those days where you feel you haven't done a damn thing, but then look back and realise you did - just a relentless grind of quotidiana (shopping, gardening centre, recycling, kitty litter and so on and so on). I did, however, groom the horses and trim their tails in preparation for the farrier, who did not show up. Dunno where he went, as he's not answering his phone, again. Honestly, they are like plumbers - so in demand they can charge what they like and behave as they please. We also put out the radio show - we're now live at 7 pm GMT on Tuesday nights, which is much more civilised than midnight.

My f-list has increased again and I know at least some of it is Sid's fan club! You're most welcome and I hope you enjoy the rest of it. The boy himself is basking on a velvet sofa in front of a roaring log fire. He has barely moved all day, except to entertain visitors, all of whom have come to see him. It's like housing a potentate, or something. Then again, he is a cat, so same thing, really.


Feb. 6th, 2007 02:27 pm
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Cat has now emerged from under the bureau and has:

- been eating tulips (or nearly did, before they were whisked away from him)
- rummaged down the side of the sofa with a long black arm (probably looking for money to fund his bus fare back to London)
- adopted an ornamental African basket as his bed du jour
- lacerated my hand (my entire childood was spent with scratches from an almost identical cat)
- complained about his food
- had more acceptable food
- knocked over a CD stand
- and sat on my lap.

So far, so good.
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Came down this morning to find Sid curled up in the armchair. With some trepidation (he's used to being outside) we left a litter box covered in earth, in the hope that he'd realise what it was for, and indeed, he did. One rather major hurdle over, in that case.

I have also been ferociously attacked, my arm slain, and then enthusiastically purred over.
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He slept all the way home. We have put him in the living room and he and the Rottweiler spent some time boggling at one another, but have not got as far as touching noses yet. No hissing, though. The Alsatian hasn't quite realised there is another cat here, but as someone said last week, since this is a dog who doesn't realise when he's on fire....

Sid then beat a prudent retreat under the sofa, but the positioning of some cat food led to him venturing out. He has explored the north face of the living room, had a look at the new, weird Outside from the window, and has now colonised T's lap, where he is purring.

We left the camera in the shop. T is picking it up tonight or tomorrow.


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