Mar. 4th, 2007 11:17 pm
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Despite a reasonable degree of confidence in Kevin Whately's acting abilities, I wasn't sure whether they'd manage to pull this off after Morse. But I think they have. I like the rather dry and theologically ruthless Hathaway, too.

Tonight's episode seriously repulsed me halfway through - quite an achievement for what is basically an English Cosy. No spoilers, but it takes a lot to squick me these days.
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It's one of those dark, rain-filled days. I'm sitting in the shop and have just finished some anthology revisions. Also got mugged by a short story idea thanks to a book I mentioned a while back: Stephen Smith's UNDERGROUND LONDON, which as well as being informative is also acidly funny (his account of going round the sewers in the company of a man who can kill rats with his hard hat - 'London Water's answer to Oddjob' - is priceless).

This, however, is a Boudicea short story idea, which uses the same main character as the antho story. I like it when a plan comes together, etc etc.

Reading plans for this evening incorporate a Sunday roast, some Merlot, the Observer food monthly and this week's Radio Times, which features one of those explanatory articles about TORCHWOOD. We don't have any of your fancy technology in this 'ousehold*, TV runs off t'mangle like it's allus done, so I will have to wait until Wednesday for this particular viewing pleasure - if it is. Until then, it's the fingers-in-ears, not-listening, not-listening approach to any spoilers.

I caught about 5 minutes of ROBIN HOOD last night, which is not long enough to judge anything, but it reminded me a bit of that Clive Owen Mockney version of King Arthur which I really liked but no one else seems to have done. But the jury remains out with regard to this version of RH. One rather cruel reviewer pointed out that it posits the invention of the hoodie several hundred years early, and, indeed, the sweatshirt. Robin the Hoodie?? Dave Cameron might be down with the young things, but I bet the idea of a modern fay outlaw gives Blair some sleepless nights.

Marion seems a bit of a feisty, saucy minx. Yawn. I don't read enough fantasy to know if this has been done - I bet it has - but one day I'm going to write a fantasy story about a heroine who is actually good at spinning etc and likes it, who isn't a tomboy and who doesn't see the point of swords. I like swords myself, but not exclusively. And it's not strictly necessary to go around killing people, whereas it is necessary (in this sodding climate, anyway), to wear clothes. So which is more useful?

*Actually, I'm lying, as usual. We have the Racing Channel.

Edited: Curse of the Typos strikes again. I meant 'modern DAY outlaw.' But actually...


Dec. 20th, 2005 11:42 am
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We took the day off: spent lunchtime in the pub and then went to Wells and the deli on the way for some final Xmas food shopping. Wells was very festive and we may be going back tonight to see NARNIA. On the way home the sky turned to a cold rose and there was a strange, low mist boiling up off the water meadows to a height of about 5 feet, which made it look as though all the trees were sailing.

Finally watched TV last night: CHOPRATOWN, which is a new private eye series set in East London with Sanjeev Bhaskar as a private eye. More like MONK than LAW AND ORDER. It was amusing (dodgy Turkish widows, cow theft) and they poked fun at typical English middle-class racism: "Of course the Hindus are so EXTREME, aren't they?" {pause as plummy-voiced woman realises she is talking to someone of Indian extraction) "But of course I LOVE India, spent 6 months travelling there, the beauty, the terrible poverty...." Bhaskar just politely raises his eyebrows. However, Bhaskar's character is not immune from foot-in-mouth syndrome either: "Turkish wrestling. Isn't that a bit....gay?" Bhaskar is an engaging comedian and actor but Vik Chopra isn't all that sympathetic, which I thought was a brave move.

Having switched on the box, I find that the BBC, in a rare moment of sanity, have decided to screen the first of the new Tennant DR WHO at prime time on Christmas Day. I am rather pleased about this.


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