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I'm ensconced in Snowdonia at Milford at the moment, so posts will continue to be sporadic...however, here's Worldcon....

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This is courtesy of Neil Williamson:

A general list of places to eat:

Also is a good guide to local restaurants in any area, as well as available deals (just search uinder Glasgow)

Glasgow has some of the best curry houses in the country -close to the convention centre: Cafe India, Creme De La Creme (in a converted cinema - occasionally they project movies onto the walls for old times sake) , any of the Ashoka's, Bollywood Lounge (tiny place that has specials including Islay malts among their ingredients, plus rolling Bollywood movies - fun place to go, good carryout).

Other personal recommendations - Stravaigin in Gibson Street has a superbly pan-global menu, and some excellent cocktails, Two Fat Ladies in the West End and Gamba in the city centre are excellent for fish, The Ubiquitous Chip is a West End favourite, and Gambrini on Great Western Road is a superb low cost, good laugh Italian place - as are any of the Sarti chain - their Rosemary and Potato pizza is superb.

Best recommendation I can make to anyone coming to Glasgow (or Edinburgh) and wanting to eat out is to go to a newsagent and get a copy of The List's (local equivalent of Time Out) Eating And Drinking Guide ( This is a very comprehensive annual publication and the new issue is just out. It should still be widely available on newsagents or bookstores come August.


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