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I have been in Gloucester, out to lunch with my parents as it is my mother's birthday. We went to the New Inn, which was new in about 1435. I haven't been there for almost that long: it is half timbered, and very dark. Allegedly, the last person to put on a play there was one W. Shakespeare, but only allegedly. It is also supposed to be the place where Lady Jane Grey got the heads up about her, well, heads off.

And it is now pouring with rain.


Jan. 12th, 2006 04:42 pm
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Got up at, dear God, dawn today because T had an early doctor's appointment (and for those who are interested in alternative medicine, we have a doc who prescribes homeopathic remedies. Which the chemist does not stock, but it's a start). Very cold, with a frost covering the fields and a red dawn.

And this afternoon, since it was still fine, we installed an electric fence to keep the horses out of one bit of the field and into another one, once more 'helped' by: two dogs, two horses, and the cat, who supervised. T electrocuted himself 6 times but hey, he'll live.


Jan. 11th, 2006 07:18 pm
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Not much of note. The weather was fabulous and I have spent most of the afternoon in the garden, 'helped' by the cat. I am made to understand that my horticultural performance was satisfactory, but only just.

Meanwhile other local gardeners have not been so fortunate, with a recent massive police raid on a house behind the supermarket in Glastonbury that some enterprising soul had entirely converted to the cultivation of cannabis (the house, not the supermarket - that's a bit much even for this neck of the woods). Must have shown up on the police copter infra-red like the Hindenburg.

More nature notes, of a conventional, uh, nature: there is a flock of lapwings on the field, and the catkins are starting to come out on the birch trees. Slightly further north, my mother found a snowdrop (but before you all go 'aaaah', she also found a dead mutilated dove alongside it. We suspect cat, unless there are mutant killer snowdrops in Gloucestershire now).

Nearly 1 dead mouse a day has appeared in this household since I moved in. That's been just over 2 months now, so roughly 60 mice. Sobering.

I have also had rather too many (two) conversations today with people who have lost parents over Xmas. Tis the season, unfortunately, but as I have reason to know, it really puts a downer on the festive season. Good thoughts winging your way.

Compliment of the week from boyfriend: "You are the least simian person I know." Why, thank you, darling, I think. Although round here it might not be saying all that much.
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Today we have:

- dug the garden
-cleaned the woodshed
- cut enough firewood for a week
- made 3 lots of stock (ham bone, turkey, duck)
- assembled a cassoulet

and I am now about to send in my application for the French Peasants Union, though this will probably be rejected as T informs me that the Yog Shoggoth Thing I spent ages digging up out of the front flower bed is in fact asparagus and it takes several years to reach a maturity which I have now blighted. I haven't grown it before and thus did not know. It doesn't look like asparagus!


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