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So, the show goes out live tonight from its new home of:

8 -10 p.m. Greenwich Meantime, and repeated throughout the week. We have a new 2 hour slot and we intend to make the most of it, with an interview tonight with tarot writer and SF novelist Rachel Pollack (this is mainly on tarot), lots of music, me rambling on about folklore and some general chat. Plus some inevitable cock-ups. Do email us:

- but you can't phone in yet, alas. You'll be able to do so when we get the phone line properly set up.
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...a reminder that we are on the air tonight, on:

from midnight GMT, this week live (please God) from the studio here (if it works) with guest Elen Sentier: writer, numerologist and biodynamic gardener. And some music.
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We have committed radio show and it went very smoothly. The show is going to be repeated across the week and a look at the NetTalk site ( will tell you when. I discovered how useful teaching experience was in the context of radio: watching the clock throughout a lesson gives you a good idea of timing.

Terrible weather going to and from the studio, though - we hit a bad squall going back, and after a nice fresh start, it is pouring again. Annoying, as I wanted to dig the pea bed!
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...our net-based show, will be going live tonight, from midnight GMT, on:

- featuring an interview on Druidry with Ronald Hutton*, some discussion from our audience, some seasonal folklore from me, and quite a lot of pagan music.

Wish us luck. I'm not panicking yet. Ask me again at 11.55 pm. ;-)

* and I apologise in advance for being fatuous about Dracula.
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We have been on Now That's Weird again, last night: this time with the representative of some Swiss abductee. He got collared years ago by a bunch of aliens called the Plejarens (sp?) and has been in touch ever since:

I have no public opinion about this except that the little UFO is rather cute.

Our own show, the Witching Hour, will go out as planned next Wednesday night, from Ross' studio rather than here (due to the inevitable fuck-up on the part of the company delivering the equipment). But we're set in terms of content: I'll be interviewing Ronald Hutton here tomorrow, as the Druids are coming down to re-Ovate me (I'm initiated up to Druid grade, but with this group, they bust you back to Bardic grade so that you get to know everyone).

In more mundane news, I have stripped, plastered and sandpapered two out of four walls and the paint seems to be staying put. Would that I could call on alien assistance, but I suspect they are too busy trying to warn us about the demise of the planet.


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