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We'll be on air at 8 GMT, with an interview with Dr Kari Maund, aka [ profile] la_marquise_de on women in the Celtic world.

Meanwhile the day has supplied me with a certain amount of deja vu:

5 p.m. -Sid runs past with fritillary in mouth. Rescue butterfly, which flaps off wonkily.

7.15 p.m. - Sid runs past with shrew. Alas, poor shrew. I knew him, Horatio....

7.25 - Sid runs past with expensive French sausage, like something out of a farce. Sprint after Sid, diverting T considerably, rugby tackle cat, rescue sausage.

However, karma then struck because I gave Sid the remains of the salmon we had for dinner. He hoiked a lump out of his plate to eat it in a more private location and the dog stole the rest. HAH!
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Glastonbury Radio have given the Reverend Judith Lawrence, Curate of St John's in Glastonbury, a one hour programme where she will debate the common areas of spirituality between the esoteric and church communities in the area.

Glastonbury Radio spokesman Ross Hemsworth issued this statement this afternoon "A lot of people in this area have a strong view on spirituality, but many see organised religion as an enemy rather than a potential friend, and the gap between the two is not that big. I think this programme will help us to start building a bridge between these communities locally".


I might be on a debate on this with Judith Lawrence - more details when they emerge. I'm interested in exploring any common ground, and if we do a show together, it is most unlikely to be confrontational. I get very tired of the kind of media where everyone is set up against one another. Not what many of us are about.


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