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We spent Tuesday to Friday at the Cheltenham Festival - basically a good time was had by all, and it was well worth it to see Kauto Star come in at the Gold Cup. The Extraterrestrial indeed! Even if he did get distracted again. The lowest point was seeing Black Harry do a somersault yards from us: it is seriously disturbing to see racehorses go down, at any distance, but especially so close. I thought he'd broken his neck, but he got up again after a while, prompting a huge cheer from the stands. Glad that McCoy won on Wichita Lineman, however, as he appeared to be becoming increasingly suicidal as the festival progressed.

T won about 300 quid. We did some shopping, and caught up with my parents (not at the races) and the [ profile] cleopand household - always a pleasure. On Friday afternoon, I drove down to Brighton for the writing workshop at the uni, which was also a pleasure - hello to any students reading this! And remember what I told you about [ profile] matociquala's LJ.

Weirdest sight of the week: a fat squirrel in the Pavilion Gardens eating a lollipop, and holding the stick in its paws. Wish I'd had a camera.


Dec. 9th, 2006 09:17 am
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We're spending a couple of days racing, interspersed with visits to family and friends. Yesterday was good - a rather big thank-you to Spot The Difference, who shot in first, thus bringing T £150. His trainer, Endo Bolger (yes, he is Irish) apparently also had congratulations from Bruce Springsteen: he's one of the Boss' biggest fans and goes to every concert. Worldwide. And calls horses after him. No bigger compliment, if you're in that game.


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