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[ profile] major_clanger reports on the following article:

So, let me get this right: you're not keen on Marmite, then?

A brief and possibly unrepresentative poll taken at breakfast at a Milford some years back revealed a divide (possibly more of a gaping fire-filled chasm) between those who love this particular spread, and those who do not. I recall one person who has access to this LJ remarking that it is, in fact, 'scrapings from the Devil's butt crack.'

I disagree. Although other yeast pastes are indeed disgusting, including the low-salt version. I just about got my head round Vegemite at one point, but that was under compulsion.

So, a poll:

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Nov. 20th, 2006 08:52 am
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This weekend has been a slight challenge foodwise: one vegan guest, one diabetic with ulcers, and one cancer recoverer who isn't up to full strength with solids yet. What we ended up eating was a vegetable tagine with couscous and chickpeas, Green and Black's ice cream for some of us and vegan apple tart for the rest (this was donated by a friend but I'm getting the recipe), and on Saturday, a thing called a mallung, which is a kind of very mild Ceylonese dish with coconut milk, broccoli, spinach and pumpkin. I also did an aubergine and pepper dish, but left out the spices and added more garlic instead. Normally, I do curries from scratch with cumin, fenugreek etc.

As my dad is wont to say, they ate it.

Two food weirdnesses in the papers: a square sausage from a butcher's in Oban. They made it as a novelty thing, but it's proved very popular. Unfortunately, when you take it through an airport security scanner, it doubles for semtex and Glasgow airport have hauled in a few innocuous sausage lovers under suspicion of terrorism.

And a company in Wales have been taken to task by the Trading Standards Authority for selling Red Dragon Bangers. A spokesman for the relevant govt organisation said - no kidding - that they have been analysed and there is no dragon in them. I should hope not! Dragons are rare.

A question for you: did anyone eat anything interesting over the weekend?

Food porn

Sep. 11th, 2005 10:11 am
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The Guardian Food Monthly is out today, and has mention of a blog by this woman.

"She is a petite and perfectly formed thirtysomething Thai woman who happens to be blessed with a high-end food habit, the money to pay for it and a very forgiving metabolism. Frankly, if I didn't like her I'd hate her.

Instead, like many thousands of other people worldwide, I count myself as one of Pim's fans, courtesy of her extraordinary food blog, Want to know what that meal at Le Meurice looked like? Go to chezpim. She photographed every single dish, in glorious digital colour, and has posted the pictures. Want to know what she thought of the coolest new bistros in Paris? Go to chezpim."

I'll be friending her.


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