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For those Sid-fans out there, this was more or less the conversation when we got home:

Dog 1: ARF! ARF! ARF! GETOFFMYTERRITORY OR - oh. It's you. Oh GOD, I'm SO SORRY! I thought you were burglars. Look, I'll abase myself, OK? Really low?

T: You're an arsehole.


Dog 2: OMIGOD, it's you! Ithoughtyouwerenevercomingback! OMIGOD!OMIGOD!

Me (to Sid): SIDNEY! Did you miss us? Did you? [scoops up cat]

Cat: [thinks for a long moment]. You were away?

Me: You didn't NOTICE?

Cat: Meh. Whatever. I hung out with your lodger. I took some naps, ate some stuff. It was cool.

In other news, I've written nothing for a week, due to having been on pleasure-bent. I have to write a little bit more on the proposal tonight (I'm supposed to be going to a Druidic thing, but a rather searing headache and a general feeling of having Got Something suggests that I'll be in bed with tea instead), and we have embarked on the editing for Night Shade's PRECIOUS DRAGON. My very patient editor has it well in hand, however.
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The new dog has arrived. She is a 2 year old Rottweiler cross (with what, God knows): a lean, elegant dog who appears motivated by hidden springs. The German Shepherd loves her; the older Rottweiler (old, stout, black) is behaving like Queen Victoria confronted with a particularly impertinent chambermaid.

She has destroyed a ball of string, raided the bin, stolen a bag of chestnuts, and tried to steal some prawns. We have some distance to go.
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...or, do I need to be more of a bitch?

Readers of this LJ will know that although I am a cat person, I have two stepdogs, the result of a new relationship. One is an elderly Rottweiler, who is very little trouble. She's sort of an Essex Girl: she's cheerful, loud, thinks (wrongly) that everyone wants to be mates with her, and likes going to pubs. However, we also have a German Shepherd, who is, in temperament, more like the William-the-Bloody version of BUFFY's Spike: over-sensitive, hysterical, and cowardly. He is about 8 now, and he's a rescue dog: two families sent him back to the dogs' home because he's so pathetic in anything resembling an urban environment. He has no spacial awareness, e.g. of where cars are.

He's not aggressive, at all, but he is neurotic. If I try to get him to do something, he does it for about 30 seconds, and then stops doing it, if he does it at all. He is better with Pack Leader (T) but, it has to be said, not much. Does anyone know of a good site for canine behaviour? I think I am probably doing something wrong with this hound in terms of pack behaviour and it just isn't working. He follows me everywhere, doing that craven slinking eye-rolling thing that dogs do, and he drives me nuts. Or is he just more of a typical dog than the Rottweiler is, and I'm just used to cats? The only other German Shepherds that I've known at all well were seeing-eye dogs, and they're so highly trained that they're not very typical.

The cat simply beats him up but I can't really do this without involving visits from the RSPCA.

Any and all advice welcome.


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